Dear Mr. Young,

I am posting this letter and video to follow up with my previous efforts to tell you to stop using my name in your Essential Edge Newsletters and other propaganda material (see links below). Mr. Young you misrepresent yourself when you came to visit us in Bosaso, Somalia.

You told us you were a doctor and you are not; you told us you were doing research on frankincense but your trip to Somalia was only for false marketing purposes. Your story kept on changing every minute. We were very hospitable to you. You took advantage our hospitality. You promised lots of things for my people which you never fulfilled.

Then I came to find out you’re using some of the photos and materials of me from your trip. I never gave you any permission to use these material nor did you ever tell me you were using them in your newsletters. You misrepresent the truth with your embellishments, please stop using my name and my pictures. You promised people schools and hospitals they are still waiting and you put me in bad situation and have hurt my reputation.

In conclusion, you have lied in your material published. Please leave us alone and stop immediately from using any of my pictures and picture of my people and/or our trees.


Sultan Yusuf Ahmed Salah
Bosaso, Somalia

Newsletters using my name and photos without my permission:
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