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A Letter to D. Gary Young & Young Living Essential Oils


Published on June 10, 2014

To: D. Gary Young & Young Living Essential Oils

Dear Mr. Young,

I am posting this letter and video to follow up with my previous efforts to tell you to stop using my name in your Essential Edge Newsletters and other propaganda material (see links below).

Mr. Young you misrepresent yourself when you came to visit us in Bosaso, Somalia.

You told us you were a doctor and you are not; you told us you were doing research on frankincense but your trip to Somalia was only for false marketing purposes.

Your story kept on changing every minute. We were very hospitable to you. You took advantage our hospitality. You promised lots of things for my people which you never fulfilled.

Then I came to find out you’re using some of the photos and materials of me from your trip. I never gave you any permission to use these material nor did you ever tell me you were using them in your newsletters.

You misrepresent the truth with your embellishments, please stop using my name and my pictures.

You promised people schools and hospitals they are still waiting and you put me in bad situation and have hurt my reputation.

In conclusion, you have lied in your material published. Please leave us alone and stop immediately from using any of my pictures and picture of my people and/or our trees.


Sultan Yusuf Ahmed Salah

Bosaso, Somalia

Newsletters using my name and photos without my permission:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Young Living’s statement
– from Young Living’s official YouTube account:


(7:00pm, July 1): 

“Young Living takes its commitment to corporate giving very seriously. Our Founder and CEO D. Gary Young and the D. Gary Young Foundation work with individuals and communities around the world to determine where and how we can do the most good. Recently, Gary Young visited Somalia and spent some time with Yusuf Salah to examine frankincense trees and discuss the possibility of building a clinic to serve the people of a rural village. Gary’s visit was honorable and came at great personal risk due to extremist activities in the area. In the months following Gary’s visit, Young Living discovered that Yusuf had broken our trust and acted in ways that were not in alignment with our mission and values. Among other things, Yusuf took Young Living-provided funds that were intended to pay teachers in his area and pocketed the money. Upon learning about Yusuf’s activities, we immediately terminated our affiliation with him and suspended the project. Since then, Yusuf has created a video in which he makes several false and slanderous accusations designed to discredit Gary and extort money from Young Living. We unequivocally deny every allegation in Yusuf’s video and are saddened by his attempt to leverage Gary Young and Young Living’s generosity for personal financial gain. Young Living will continue to look for appropriate channels as part of our ongoing commitment to inspire and support communities in need worldwide.”

Yusuf’s response
– originally posted on YouTube:


(12:30pm, July 4)

I want to say something to Mr. Young’s Lawyers
1. I have never received any money from Mr. Gary Young, Young Living, or Young Living’s foundation.
The only money I ever received was to reimburse only a portion of Mr. Young’s travel related expenses and it was paid to me by people who contact me at the beginning of his trip. They were Somali politicians from Mogadishu. Please show any proof whatsoever of any money sent, as you claim in your statement, but you can’t it is simply not true.
2. If you cut the contact with me or did not want to have anything to do with me, why did you continue to publish my pictures and all the materials you collected of the trip – some as recent as the June 2014 Essential Edge newsletter?
3. I have never asked for money from you and not doing so now “extort” or “leverage any generosity.” I have no interest whatsoever in collaborating with Mr. Young or Young Living for anything. Your statements are simply not true.
4. I did not see any of your writing or negative things toward me or my people until I asked you to stop using my name and my pictures solely for your own benefit. We were nice and gracious hosts to you and all we got in return are slander, lies and now unfounded attacks on my character.
Please stop.


  1. Dear Sir,

    This is just to let you know you are not alone your concerns over Gary Young. Some of us have been attacking him for many years. You can see more on my web site. Please do get in touch as together I think we can this time totally destroy his credibility.

  2. There are many people here who are OUTRAGED at this criminal Gary Young. I have personally started a blog on Linkedin to expose this man…whom I have been investigating – along with many others in the Aromatherapy Industry – for the past 18-20 years.
    This man is constantly lying in order to make money. Here are the posts that I wrote, for your information :

    Please let us know if you have received any news from G. Young and I will post them also. Please know that we have been following your story here with extreme interest, and we are all sincerely sorry about what transpired with G. Young during his disrespectful visit with you. Respectfully yours,
    Mynou de Mey

  3. I may have a copy of your video that may work for your website. Please give me your personal email address and I will send it to you.
    Mynou de Mey, Aromatherapy Educator

  4. New article on Gary Young in Somalia. Go to the ‘new’ tab,

  5. My cousin had an IV procedure with oil injection in her by Gary Young in an attempt to cure her cancer. She broke out in a severe allergy and we didn’t receive compensation for the problem. I wish Mr. Young didn’t avoid the law so much. This is depressing that this man gets away with so much!

  6. Gary Young has many malpractices as a false doctor without a degree. My friend who is a licensed medical doctor explains why Gary Young should be help responsible for the many illegal things he has done:

  7. Hello sultan Yusuf
    First of all Gary young (young living) doesn’t understand that you are a sultan (Cheif ) of a tribe. He doesn’t understand that your an important person to your tribe and they were greeting you. He should at least done research and shown respect.
    I am shocked at his actions, he lied about his profession. He wanted to use the people of Somalia for his own financial gain, I visited Bososa and Garowe puntland in October and it was peaceful. He wanted to use the poor people in the farming areas but offering fake promises. I am frankincense (foox)and myrrh (malmal) trader in UK please contact me on
    Inshallah sultan maybe we can do some business as I am Somalia myself
    Hope to hear from you

  8. It is sad that in a country like America people like Gary Young are allowed to run a business doing what he does. In the same manner, my heart aches for the people of Somalia who already endure so much, be lied to and robbed of their dignity. I have faith that justice will be made.

  9. I have been researching frankinsrnce now for a few weeks. It is important for me to find tthe best I can for my daughter. She has ovarian cancer and I believe true frankinsrnce will be a blessing to her. After all it is biblical. So sad to see so many obvious frauds and others not so obvious. I will continue to search for the best frankincense I can find and afford. Gary Youngs company will not be considered by me. I pray the deceitful will be exposed.

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